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We are thrilled to have you here and invite you to create your next STUNNING JEWELRY COLLECTION with us today. Browze and select from the LATEST GLOBAL TRENDS and PROVEN BEST-SELLING JEWELRY styles, worn by millions from around the world daily.

YOU ARE UNIQUE and our diverse range of quality jewellery can be attributed to YOU and your personality. Our Jikeleza Jewellery range allows you to shine more and stand out from the crowd.

Jikeleza Jewellery are also continiously adding to our range to bring you NEW JEWELLERY DESIGNS for you to add to your collection.

Since our debut, Jikeleza Jewellery has been serving tremendous amounts of ESTATIC CUSTOMERS from all over South Africa and we invite you to join them.

With Covid19 taking the world by storm, the face of small local businesses in South Africa (as well as the rest of the world) have had to change and adapt. Although our shop at 56 Beach Road, Nahoon, East London, South Africa is still fully operational, we have also created our online shop to offer a comfortable, safe and hassle free shopping experience for YOU, my valued customer.

Now you can spend your time on our website and fall in love with the Jewellery of your choice. Make your choices and make use of our easy online payment system to click through the process. In no time your package full of enchanting jewellery will be at your doorstep, ready for you to wear and bedazzle everyone around you,

Our Range
The team at Jikeleza Jewellery specialize in 925 Sterling Silver, semi-precious gemstone and crystal Jewellery. Each piece of Jewellery is as special as you are, and is carefully sourced keeping in mind the diversity of tastes, looks and personalities of each individual and the best way to enhance these features. Sterling silver as a choice for Jewellery is timeless and elegant yet also fit for everyday use.

How We Make A Difference To Our Planet
The team at Jikeleza Jewellery have pledged to make our business sustainable and environmentally friendly.
This is why several of our precious gemstones are created in a laboratory. Lab created gemstones are chemically and optically identical to those mined underground but come without the harsh environmental stresses that come with commercial mining. Lab created gemstones have fewer flaws and cost less too. There is absolutely no reason not to get behind this latest trend that supports sustainability for both the environment and your pocket too!